Diminished Value: What is your car worth after it was damaged? Did you know you have the right to recover this loss? Read more!

Legal Services: Lawyers are often in a position in which they need an expert in the field of auto repairs and forensics. AutoClaimHelp.net provides the resources, knowledge and skills they require. Read more!

Dealers and Fleets: Collision damage presents a dilemma to new car dealers. A number of state statutes prevent dealers from retailing damaged vehicles, which places them in financial jeopardy. Fleets also find damage claims problematic, as well as a drain on operating budgets. We can minimize costs and maximize recovery, while taking advantage of the tax codes. Read more!

Classics and Antiques: Collector cars are particularly sensitive to damage history. Know your rights! Read more!

Low Speed Impact: Things are seldom what they seem. Damage is often overlooked in low speed collisions by both insurers and repair shops. Read more!

Third Party Arbitration: Insurance policies provide a solution for claims disputes. If their estimators and your choice of shop do not agree as to the cost of repairs, the insured may choose to arbitrate the claim. We have successfully arbitrated claims for many clients.

Damage Appraisals: Need a damage appraisal for insurance or tax purposes? We provide expert independent damage analysis.

Pre-Purchase Evaluations: Buying a used car and wondering if it has ever been damaged in a collision or repainted? A thorough analysis of the vehicle may prevent you from making a very expensive mistake.

Forensic Analysis and Investigations: After a vehicle has been repaired it is often unclear as to what was actually done. Which parts were repaired and which parts were replaced? Did they use new factory parts or generic knock-offs? Were junkyard parts used? How much paint was applied? Is the car straight? Is it safe?

Repair Audits: We provide clients with a thorough line-by-line audit of a repair bill, tracing part numbers and retail costs. Don’t be the victim of repair fraud.

Fraud Investigations: AutoClaimsHelp has performed investigations for corporate and local government offices attempting to wade through the often confusing world of insurance estimates, body shop billing and repair.

Warranty Claims – Paint and Body: Sometimes it is necessary to repaint a vehicle under its factory warranty. It is understood by most automotive professionals, however, that a repainted car is not as durable as one finished at the factory. In addition, dealership body shops are often found producing inadequate workmanship. You could be owed a cash settlement.

Claims Consulting: Collision claims, estimates and the repair process can be confusing to consumers and their attorneys. Let us bring 27 years of experience in repairs and claims to bear on your problems. An informed customer is always better prepared.

Vehicle Market Studies: Was your car totaled in an accident or stolen? Was the settlement sufficient to purchase another vehicle of like kind and quality in your market area? Total loss settlements are often found to be insufficient in that regard. Allow us to survey the market to determine your car’s actual cash value.

Expert Testimony: AutoClaimsHelp president Charlie Barone has been qualified as an expert in collision repair and claims in dozens of legal cases. If you’re headed to court, bring an expert with a national reputation and the credentials to win your case.

Collision Repair Training: Does your firm or sales staff need training in collision repair and refinishing? Nationally known technical writer and lecturer Charlie Barone can design a training program that will help your staff understand the fundamentals of body shop and claims practices.